Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hammersmith Farm, The Auchincloss Estate

Hammersmith Farm was the large estate of the Auchincloss Family. Today, the estate is owned by a different family than the Auchinclosss, although they still own most of the outbuildings, including The Windmill, The Castle and The Palace. Click HERE for more.

Rough Point

Rough Point, The Doris Duke estate, formerly the Frederick Vanderbilt "cottage". Today it owned by the Newport Restoration Foundation, started by Miss Duke herself. Click HERE for more.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Waves, The John Russell Pope Cottage

The Waves was built by architect John Russell Pope for his most important client......himself. The lot he had bought was next door to Edith Wharton's Land's End. The house had wonderful views of the ocean and nearby Bailey's Beach. He lived in the house with his wife, Sadie, who was the daughter of Pembroke Jones, who resided in another Newport cottage, Sherwood. When John died of an illness in New York City, Sadie continued to occupy the house until World War II, when the house was used to house military personnel. The estate was then purchased by heiress Josephine Hartford Bryce, who lived their with her daughter, Nuala. Nuala went on to marry Claiborne Pell, Rhode Island beloved senator.

Claiborne And Nuala Were Devoted Democrats, Some Of The First In Newport. They Are Pictured Above At Their Washington Home

Nuala and Claiborne built a small cottage on the northern front of the property, which they name Pelican Lodge. After the house was sold to Barclay Warburton, it was divided into condos. Nuala Pell still continues to live at Pelican Lodge.

                               The Loggia

                               The Studio

                               The Living Room Terrace

Friday, October 12, 2012

Belcourt Castle, The Oliver Belmont Estate

Belcourt Castle was built for bachelor millionaire Oliver Belmont, son of August Belmont, a banker for the Rothschild family. The estate was unique in that the entire ground floor was devoted to the horses. When Belmont finally married, to Alva Vanderbilt, his new wife promptly commissioned renovations, replacing the ground floor stables with a large reception hall. When Belmont died, Alva inherited everything, including Belcourt Castle. Alva shut Belcourt down and moved into her other Newport estate, Marble House. She eventually sold Belcourt to Perry Belmont, Oliver's brother. Currently, Belcourt is for sale.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Barton Gubelmann's Newport Estate, "Starboard House"

Barton "Glamma" Gubelmann, the Conservative, imperious, queen of Palm Beach society, who never had a problem swearing in front of company, spent her summers at her Newport palace, "Starboard House". To get their, Barton traveled by plane (in first-class of course), even buying tickets for her dogs, who sat next to her. She was followed by her secretary in a mercedes and he was followed by a large trailer, filled with Barton's clothing, jewels and her secretary's computer. Barton was famous for playing croquet, eventually being inducted into the hall of fame. "Starboard House" is still standing and was sold recently by Barton's heirs.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Beacon Hill House"

"Beacon Hill House" was built for millionaire Arthur Curtiss James and his wife, Harriet. The James occupied the home for many years and occupied it continually for the summers. Mrs. James hosted a famous party titled Masque of The Blue Garden, held in the estate's Blue Gardens. Also on the property was a large farming complex, called the Swiss Village, which continues to stand today. Harriet died in 1941, followed by her husband three weeks later. The mansion was sold after James's death and sat empty for quite a long time. It was constantly ransacked by vandals, who stole many of the mansion's furnishings and decorative features. It burned down in 1967 and the grounds were subdivided.

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Indian Spring" Cottage, A.K.A. Wrentham House

"Indian Spring" was the summer home of the Busk Family. It was built by Richard Morris Hunt, with landscaping designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead. The 22-room, 14,400 square foot mansion includes 8 bedrooms, a 1,800 square foot master suite, which includes his and her baths and an adjacent study, 13 bathrooms, a large great hall, private library and dining room and a large veranda. The mansion has in recent years undergone a restoration process, restoring the original interiors and grounds.
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