Friday, July 20, 2012

"Castlewood" cottage, Newport

"Castlewood" was built for the fabulously wealthy widow of Emile Bruguiere, Josephine Sather Bruguiere, as a Newport residence for her and her young son, Louis. Besides living at "Castlewood", Josephine and Louis divided their time between a large suite of rooms at Sherry's Hotel and an apartment in Paris. Tragically while returning to the United States, the ship that the Bruguieres were on, The Arabic, was torpedoed and sank. Josephine died in the sinking, but Louis survived. "Castlewood" was left to Louis, but it had been taken the year before by the bank. The house then went through a series of owners and for many years it was the Mercy Home orphanage. It was finally demolished and the land subdivided for development.

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