Monday, August 13, 2012

The Vanderbilt Cottages: Rough Point and Vinland

Vinland (top) was the summer home of Vanderbilt heiress Florence Twombly and her husband Hamilton Twombly. Situated on Ochre Point, it was built in 1884 by Peabody and Sterns for the New York heiress Catherine Lorillard Wolfe and was bought from her heirs by the Twomblys. Like other ocean front Newport properties, it had had the end of it's lawn the Cliff Walk, which was opened by a state law, guaranteeing public access to the shoreline. So if it wanted to, the public could observe the life of the house from the lawn side, a curious exception to the valued privacy and aloofness of Newport life.

Rough Point (bottom) was the summer home of Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt, who built it in 1891. They opened the home with a large ball featuring a Hungarian orchestra-Hungarian Orchestra were an almost invariable accompaniment of Newport parties-and the band from the Newport Casino. The grounds were decorated with Japanese lanterns and umbrellas. Passing out of the family's hands on Frederick's death, Rough Point was for many years the home of tobacco billionairess Doris Duke.

Both homes still survive, Vinland is a part of the Salve Regina University and Rough Point is owned by the Newport Restoration Foundation, founded by Doris Duke.

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